Best Cute Pickleball Paddles

Best Cute Pickleball Paddles for All Types of Players

Pickleball has swiftly gained popularity among players of all ages and skill levels. An essential part of the game is choosing the right paddle that suits individual playing styles and preferences. In this guide, we’ll explore the qualities that define the best cute pickleball paddles and delve into a comprehensive review of top picks. 

Pickleball isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. As you step onto the court, why not do it with flair? Best Cute pickleball paddles bring a playful aesthetic to your game and offer the same high-quality performance you expect.

Which is the best cute Pickleball Paddles to get?

The popularity of pickleball has led to rapid innovation in pickleball paddles over the past several years due to the sport’s rise in popularity. Buying a paddle is best when you want to improve your skills rather than play for fun,” says Johns. “The essential features you want to consider are weight, dimension, and material.” Players of all skill levels can find pickleball paddles below that will meet their needs, from beginners eager to play every week to experienced players who play daily. Take your game to the next level by scrolling down.

The HEAD Radical Elite pickleball paddle is the best overall value, thanks to its balanced performance and affordable price. In terms of power and spin, our latest recommendation for the best pickleball paddle for competitive play is the Selkirk Halo Power XL, thanks to its ability to deliver excellent performance.

1. Onix Graphite Z5

Our Pick

Onix Graphite Z5

  • Graphite Z5 – The most popular paddle
  • Touch paddle for superior ball control
  • A paddle shape with a grip size of 4-1/4
  • Edge guards protect each Z5 paddle

During professional events, Onix paddles are commonly seen in professional pickleball players’ hands. Onix’s Graphite Z5 is one of their most popular paddles regarding ball control and clean returns. At a price point under $100, the Z5 offers the best qualities of graphite paddles, making it an excellent value. Many professionals prefer graphite due to its lightweight feel and robust design, which makes it easy to control every shot.

In your first impression of the Z5, you were struck by its well-balanced feel. The honeycomb core of the Nomex paddle reduced dead spots, and the 8.3 x 15.5-inch paddle measurement gave enough room to connect cleanly on most shots. The Z5 paddle’s lofty weight and powerful sweet spot gave it a superior rating in terms of performance. It was perfect for serving since you could whip the ball over the net and get a good spin on it.


  • Under $100
  • USA Pickleball Approved
  • Improved Grip adds better control
  • Large sweet spot that delivers solid power


  • A compact design takes some getting used to

2. Selkirk Sport Power Air Invikta

Our Pick

Selkirk Sport Power Air Invikta

  • Elongated paddles have smaller sweet spots
  • Selkirk uses cutting-edge technology
  • Introducing Fiberflex Quantum+ carbon
  • Selkirk is more than pickleball

A $250 pickleball paddle may be challenging, but those looking for the best will consider the Power Air Invicta. Tyson McGuffin uses this model as his signature model, and after playing a match with it, I can see why. The Air Invikta’s elongated shape initially creates a generous surface area that is more significant than the Onix Z5 and HEAD Radical Elite but smaller than the PCKL Pro Series.

Secondly, the Power Air Invicta provides the most advanced performance ever. Selkirk added the air opening to create faster swing speeds, and while you did not measure the data to confirm if this is true, it serves to have some extra whip that I am not used to. To elaborate on my serve, I like to get low and serve the ball by dropping the ball. Starting this way helps me get a fast and low shot over the net with some spin, and the Power Air Invikta played to serve style and made it super fun to use.

A third key finding from playing with the Power Air Invikta was the overall feel of the paddle. It’s like holding the paddle equivalent of a Ferrari: fast, lightweight, sexy. The handle is luxe and cushioned, and the extra wrapping near the end of the handle helped me get a more secure grip (especially on two-handed backhands). There are no pronounced edges on the Power Air Invikta for the ball to take a weird shot off of, so there’s a chance you get a clean return even if you connect near the edges of the paddle.


  • Air hole for faster swing speed
  • Incredible blend of power and control
  • Rounded edges
  • Elongated design helps to reach for balls
  • Long and comfortable Grip
  • Sharp and sleek design
  • Used by professional pickleball players


  • Expensive. Only meant for competitive play

3. HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle

Our Pick

HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle

  • Fiberglass pickleball paddles
  • ErgoGrip provides a perfect grip
  • Equipment from HEAD continues to improve
  • Elite pickleball is ideal for mid-level players

Head’s Radical Elite paddle is the ultimate pick for those who are getting pickleball fever. Playing pickleball with the Radical Elite for the first time at Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas. We learned more advanced moves to improve our game, such as putting spin on our serves and returning shots up close to the net while avoiding the non-volley zone (my favorite trick was jumping over the non-volley zone to return a ball).

The Radical Elite was lacking in power after a few pickleball paddles. This paddle prioritizes control while staying lightweight, so it’s an excellent option for learning the game. You can play competitively with the Radical Elite, too, but switch to a paddle with more power as you see yourself progressing. It weighs 8.1 ounces, measures 9 x 16 inches, and has a grip circumference of 4.16 inches. But remember, this paddle retails for around $65 when it plays closer to a $70 paddle. You can’t beat the value for the price.


  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Excellent value for the price point
  • A longer handle that mimics a tennis racket feel
  • Long lifespan


  • If you start playing more competitively, you’ll want to upgrade

4. Selkirk Sport Halo Power XL

Our Pick

Selkirk Sport Halo Power XL

  • Pickleball paddles SLK Halo Power XL Carbon Fiber
  • Powerful 13 mm paddle core, large sweet spot
  • Play comfortably with the padded grip
  • A longer handle offers players a better grip.

A Halo Power XL paddle is a more refined carbon fiber than the XS XSPAX Carbon Fiber. After testing the Halo Power XL after the XS XSPAX, I could put a serious spin on the ball again, thanks to the same carbon fiber surface. The Halo Power XL checks all boxes regarding weight, performance, and look. It weighs 8.0 ounces, measures 7.4 x 16.4 inches, and has a grip circumference of 4.0 inches. It will give you the right power and spin in league play and tournaments.

This paddle has the best combination of power and spin, but it’s harder to make touch shots with this paddle. Due to its price point, it is not worth dissuading from buying the Halo Power XL. This paddle is a better value for money than paddles that cost around $130 because it is comparable in performance to paddles that cost around that amount.


  • Balls with carbon fiber surfaces spin like crazy
  • Backhand with long handle for two-handed play
  • Grip with cushioning
  • Power and control are in balance


  • Poor returns can result if the ball hits the pronounced edges
  • Paddle design itself could be improved

5. Pickleball Central Rally Tyro 2

Our Pick

Pickleball Central Rally Tyro 2

  • Lightweight sweet spot
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core
  • Its circumference and length are 5″
  • Suitable for buying in bulk (schools, camps)

Pickleball Central makes several quality in-house products. The Rally Tyro 2 is a wallet-friendly composite paddle with a polymer core. The grip circumference is 4.0 inches. The weight is 7.875 ounces, and the dimensions are 7.875 x 15.75 inches. Its best feature is its weight, clocking in at a lofty 7.2 ounces. While I have yet to test this paddle, I did come across it in person when playing at some pickleball courts in Daytona Beach, FL. We were surprised to learn one player told us the paddle was under $40.

Your list should include the Rally Tyro 2 because it provides solid performance for under $50. Finding a pickleball paddle under this price point is rare, and the fact the Rally Tyro 2 continues to hit its marks means it deserves a proper return.


  • A budget-friendly option
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Honeycomb composite design
  • Suitable for buying in bulk (schools, camps)


  • Future upgrades are likely to be needed.

6. Gamma Voltage 5.0 Pickleball Paddle

Our Pick

Gamma Voltage 5.0 Pickleball Paddle

  • It measures 16″ and weighs 7.8 ounces
  • The GAMMA honeycomb handle is tacky
  • Wide surface area for faster pickleball

The Gamma Voltage 5.0 is another paddle I found impressive after testing it. The Voltage 5.0 is more expensive than most Gamma paddles I’m familiar with, but it’s worth it. With a 14mm thick polymer core, the paddle felt great when returning shots and had a surprising amount of power. It weighs eight ounces and measures eight x sixteen inches. The grip circumference is four and a half inches. In terms of performance, the paddle is comparable to paddles that cost around $60.

When testing Voltage 5.0, two features stood out to me. A textured surface allowed the ball to spin more. It’s one of our favorite paddles for getting spin on the ball, but the XS XSPAK paddle has a firmer texture. The handle of the Voltage 5.0 is another noteworthy feature. When hands got sweaty, the holes in the tape provided a better grip that didn’t slip.


  • The best grip wrapping of all paddles
  • Touch and control are excellent
  • Retro style looks cool
  • An ultra-lightweight design
  • Surface with texture for spin opportunities


  • Paddle edges are more pronounced than some might prefer

How do you choose the best cute pickleball paddles?

1. Check the Weight

One of the most important factors to consider before buying the best pickleball paddle is ensuring it’s neither too light nor too heavy to hold. The best way out would be to choose a pickleball paddle with medium weight. A medium-weight pickleball paddle offers great spinning power without straining your arms and elbows. For a start, consider a pickleball paddle weighing 7-8 ounces.

2. Assess the Grip

Another pivotal factor before buying the best pickleball paddle is ensuring it offers a good grip. A pickleball paddle with a firm grip lets you take charge of your shots. Loose grips may allow you less control and can affect your spinning power. You may do a trial and hit some balls to assess the Grip you demand from a pickleball paddle.

3. Check the Paddle Surface 

Generally, three materials are used for the paddle’s surface: fiberglass, graphite, and carbon fiber. Fiberglass is best suited for power players who like playing aggressive shots, whereas carbon fiber offers a better feel than fiberglass but is a bit stiff. Graphite paddles provide excellent control and are often used by experienced players.

4. Pick the Right Core Material

To level up your pickleball game, it’s essential to consider the pickleball paddle’s core material. The suitable core material offers a perfect blend of power, flexibility, and control to help you play comfortably.  

Final Words

Pickleball paddles are crucial in a player’s performance and enjoyment of the game. Choosing the right paddle based on individual preferences, playing style, and skill level is paramount. It enhances gameplay and contributes to a more satisfying and fulfilling pickleball experience. Here is a comprehensive list of the best cute pickleball paddles out there. The detailed reviews and pros and cons of each paddle give you valuable insights into what to expect from these top picks. Check out our Best Bang for Buck Pickleball Paddle list without compromising quality. Get your gaming practice started now by ordering them!


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