Best Overgrip For Pickleball Paddle

Top Best Overgrip For Pickleball Paddle

The overgrip is a thin material around the paddle’s handle that provides a better grip and absorbs sweat. A good overgrip can enhance your control over the paddle, reduce the risk of slipping, and improve your overall performance. Selecting the best overgrip for pickleball paddle can be challenging because of many options.

When selecting an overgrip or overwrap, the material is crucial. There are various types of overgrips, including synthetic, leather, and cotton. Overgrips made of synthetic materials are the most popular; they are durable, lightweight, and offer excellent sweat absorption. Synthetic overgrips are more durable, but leather ones provide a better grip. 

For beginners, cotton overgrips are the cheapest option, but they are less durable and sweat-absorbent than synthetic or leather overgrips. To find the best overgrips that provide grip, sweat absorption, and durability, we spent hours researching and testing them.

Best Overgrip for Pickleball Paddle

Choosing the right overgrip for your pickleball paddle is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your performance on the court. The overgrip provides comfort and cushioning and ensures a secure grip, preventing the paddle from slipping during intense rallies. Let’s explore some of the best overgrip for pickleball paddle available in the market that cater to different preferences and playing styles. Here are our top picks for the best overgrip for pickleball paddle that will help you improve your game.

1. GAMMA Sports Neon Tac Overgrip

Our Pick

GAMMA Sports Neon Tac Overgrip

  • Tac Feel for High Performance
  • Surface that Wicks Moisture
  • Pack of 3 neon-colored grips

The GAMMA Sports Neon Tac Overgrip is a high-performance overgrip that wicks moisture away from the hand and provides a tacky, secure grip. Our recent testing of the GAMMA Sports Neon Tac Overgrip during pickleball games led us to be impressed with its performance. As a result of the tacky grip, even during intense rallies, you could maintain a secure grip on the paddle. Even during hot summer games, the moisture-wicking surface kept our hands dry.

The GAMMA Sports Neon Tac overgrip is the best for a pickleball paddle. The bright neon colors of the overgrip added a fun pop of color to our paddles and made them easy to spot on the court. However, we noticed that the overwrap could get softer quickly, and we had to change it out more frequently than other brands.

Overall, the GAMMA Sports Neon Tac Overgrip is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-performance overgrip that provides a tacky, secure grip and adds a pop of color to your paddle. It costs almost $7 to buy GAMMA Sports Neon Tac Overgrip.

2. GAMMA Supreme Overgrip Black

Our Pick

GAMMA Supreme Overgrip Black

  • When playing intense games, sweat is absorbed
  • Application is quick and easy with grips
  • Outstanding durability with a soft feel
  • Great for tennis, pickleball, and other racket types

In addition to its durability and absorbency, GAMMA Supreme Overgrip Black is an excellent choice for pickleball paddle overgrips. Our pickleball paddles performed well when we tested GAMMA Supreme Overgrip Black. The overgrip’s tackiness provided a good grip in sweaty matches, while the absorbent material kept our hands dry and comfortable. 

The overgrip was also easy to apply and fit on various racquet handles. The overgrip showed some wear after several matches, but it was still durable. Depending on the user’s preferences, some may find the overgrip too tacky. 

It is essential to remember that some players may need help finding the overgrip to provide enough cushioning. The GAMMA Supreme Overgrip Black is a good choice as a budget-friendly overgrip with good grip and absorbency. GAMMA supreme overgrip black can be purchased for almost $7, which is very affordable.

3. Gamma Sports Pickleball Supreme Overgrip

Our Pick

Gamma Sports Pickleball Supreme Overgrip

  • Overgrip with ridges of soft foam
  • This grip is tackier, so it grips better
  • The paddle measures 31 inches in length

We highly recommend the Gamma Sports Pickleball Supreme Overgrip for paddles with a tacky, cushioned grip. Gamma Pickleball Supreme Overgrip was a suitable replacement overwrap for our pickleball paddle. This grip provides excellent cushioning and is very sticky, making it ideal for those who prefer a softer grip. They are a nice touch, absorbing the ball’s impact, resulting in better feedback and ball return.

The installation process is straightforward, and the 31-inch grip fits perfectly on every pickleball paddle. Gamma Sports Pickleball Supreme is available for a price of around 9$. For those who like to customize their paddles, the grip is also available in white, black, and assorted neon colors, which is a nice touch for those who want to add a personal touch to their paddles.

4. Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip

Our Pick

Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip

  • Athletes rely on Head for modern equipment
  • The material is specially engineered to be tacky
  • Embrace intense rallies with an overgrip
  • The pack includes three easy-to-apply overgrips

Our recommendation is the Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip if you are looking for the best overgrip for a pickleball paddle. Having tried the Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip recently, we were impressed with its performance. Elastomer provided a tacky, smooth overwrap that increased control with every shot. Even during intense rallies, the overgrip absorbs excess moisture to provide a robust and dry grip.

Our tennis racket was easily installed with the help of three easy-apply overgrips included in the pack. The overgrip was an ideal match for our favorite HEAD tennis racket. We did notice that the grip needed to be more durable than some other overgrips on the market. Furthermore, some users may find the grip too thin.

5. JOOLA Pickleball Paddle Grip Tape

Our Pick

JOOLA Pickleball Paddle Grip Tape

  • You can easily regrip your pickleball paddle
  • Ensures a secure grip and keeps your hands dry
  • Stabilizes eastern and continental grips
  • Pickleball racket tape can be cut to size

JOOLA Pickleball Paddle Grip Tape is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and durable overgrip. In our recent testing of the JOOLA Pickleball Paddle Grip Tape, we were impressed with its performance. Even during long matches, the moisture-wicking perforated surface of this glove kept our hands dry and comfortable. 

As a result of the anti-slip ridge grip, we could maintain a secure grip and make seamless grip adjustments without losing control. The pack includes two replacement grip tapes, making it easy to regrip your paddle and restore its brand-new feel.

The white grip tape can become stained and unusable when used frequently. In addition, the tape may come loose after a few weeks of use, necessitating more frequent replacements than with other overgrips. Finally, not all pickleball paddles have the same diameter, so you may need to trim the grip tape to fit.

6. GAMMA Sports Supreme Overgrip

Our Pick

GAMMA Sports Supreme Overgrip

  • Play more comfortably and with greater precision
  • Rackets with extra length can be fitted
  • An excellent choice for tennis and pickleball

The GAMMA Sports Supreme Overgrip is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their grip during pickleball games. We recently tried the GAMMA Sports Supreme Overgrip and were delighted with its performance. The absorbent material kept our hands dry and comfortable even during long, intense matches. In addition, the overgrip was easy to apply, so we spent less time preparing and more time playing.

The overgrip fits various racquet handles, including pickleball paddles, tennis, squash, badminton, and racquetball racquets. However, the overgrip on some of our pickleball paddles was long. Orange may not be everyone’s favorite color, but we were okay with it. In our games, we found the grip to be just the right amount of tacky, but some users may find it too sticky.

7. Vulcan Black/Max Cool Pickleball Overgrip (3 Pack)

Our Pick

Vulcan Black/Max Cool Pickleball Overgrip

  • Overgrips are soft, relaxed, and absorbent
  • An all-black pattern with mazes
  • From cool to hot, deliver maximum feel

To take your pickleball game to the next level, purchase the Vulcan Black/Max Cool Pickleball Overgrip. We recently had the opportunity to try these overgrips, and the performance blew us away. The grips are soft, relaxed, and absorbent, perfect for sweaty hands. We played in hot and fantastic weather conditions, and the grips never lost their tackiness. The “maze” imprint does provide a superior grip, which helps us make more precise shots.

Applying the overgrips was a breeze. They fit perfectly on our paddles, and we had no issues with them slipping or moving around during play. The black maze pattern looks great on our paddles, but we understand it may not be everyone’s style.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best overgrip for pickleball paddle is a crucial decision that directly influences your playing experience on the court. The proper grip provides comfort and a secure hold, giving you the confidence to execute precise shots. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you navigate the diverse options and select the best overgrip for your pickleball paddle. Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your decision:


These grips are often made from polyurethane or synthetic materials and offer durability and a consistent feel. They are resistant to moisture, maintaining their performance in various weather conditions. Provide a unique rubber-like surface, offering an exceptional grip. These grips are known for their comfort and responsiveness during gameplay.


Provide a closer feel to the paddle handle, allowing for a more direct connection with the racquet. Players who prefer a minimalistic grip often opt for thinner overgrips. Offer additional cushioning and comfort. Thicker grips can benefit players seeking a softer feel and reduced impact on the hands.


Look for overgrips with a tacky surface for enhanced grip and control. Tackiness is especially important for players who want to secure a hold during rapid movements and quick shots. Some players prefer a balance between tackiness and control. Overgrips that compromise the two aspects suit a wide range of playing styles.


Consider the durability of the overgrip. High-quality materials and construction contribute to a longer lifespan. Frequent players may prefer overgrips that withstand extended use without losing their effectiveness.

Final Words

It would help if you selected the best overgrip for pickleball paddle that will enhance your gameplay. Various options ensure players find the perfect balance of comfort, tackiness, and durability. When deciding, consider material, absorbency, thickness, tackiness, durability, comfort, and personalization. Whether you prioritize a close feel to the paddle, a cushioned grip, or enhanced tackiness, the market offers a range of overgrips to suit every player’s unique needs. To get more information about pickleball paddles, check out our list of the best heavy pickleball paddle.

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