Best Affordable Pickleball Paddles

7 Best Affordable Pickleball Paddles Comprehensive Guide

Pickleball is one of the most popular emerging games and the best replacement for tennis and badminton. However, you may need the right equipment to enjoy this game to the full. The basic equipment for pickleball includes a high-quality paddle and a ball. Besides, they also include a court and net, the same as we use for badminton and tennis. The grip, width, length, and material of the paddle are important to consider while choosing the right equipment for pickleball. Amateur or professional? Short on money but still want to give your best in the game? To thrive with your playing style and experience level, you need the best affordable pickleball paddle.

In this guide, we are going to explore some best pickleball paddles. Our carefully curated list of pickleball paddles will help you deliver powerful shots and precise control. These paddles are best for everyone, whether it’s a person with years of experience or a trainee. From champion sports to head radical elite, you will be able to get access to hidden weapons for pickleball. Why wait? Let’s dive in!

Powerful and Best Affordable Pickleball Paddles

For pickleball paddles, you must know that you won’t find a specific paddle catering to the requirements of all the players. Each one comes with special features that one player may like according to his preferences while others don’t. As professionals suggested, a player should try different paddles for practice. All paddles feature different materials and prices. It may be possible that the properties you want in your paddle cost you a buck. However, worry not; let’s discover the best affordable pickleball paddles to enhance your gaming performance.

1. Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CAS Paddle

Our Pick

Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CAS Paddle


This masterpiece is one of the best affordable pickleball paddles. About this, we can say it is best for professionals. If a master of pickleball can use this, then it is equally good for every other person. As the name suggests, this paddle is named after the greatest player of pickleball, Ben Johns. It includes a honeycomb core, which is 16mm thick. Moreover, the carbon abrasion surface offers a better grip, which helps in better performance. The edges of these paddles are also guarded so that they last longer. Besides, it offers a long handle, which helps in easy shooting with both hands.

Joola Ben Johns is an affordable option if you compare its quality with price, then it is worth it. If you are in search of a paddle for your early practice and professional use, your hunt ends here. This is the best edition for power control, compatibility, usability, and control.

2. Head Radical Elite

Our Pick

HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle


Want the best affordable pickleball paddle that offers optimum performance without breaking the bank? This paddle can help you to carry on your pickleball practice without losing much. In terms of functionality and quality, this paddle will serve you best. The fiberglass surface helps you make a powerful comeback to your opponent. Moreover, its 4.25-inch handle is enough to boost your performance with a strong grip. The polypropylene core is best for mediocre players and amateurs. The Ergo grip of this paddle can make you fight back with confidence.

Lastly, this paddle only costs $64, which makes it the best affordable pickleball paddle. You can play with your family, friends, and even with professionals. What you need is to just order from Amazon or any platform you find easy. Just make time and gather your crew to beat the court.

Champion Sports Rhino

Our Pick

Champion Sports Rhino


Champion sports pickleball paddle also makes up our list of the best affordable pickleball paddles. Its affordability, durability, and strong usability make it the best option to choose. The plastic guard wrapping the edges of this paddle ensures longevity by protecting it. Damage and strikes can’t harm it with plastic guards. The fusion of fiberglass and polypropylene makes it flexible and easy to handle. Moreover, its medium weight of 8.5 ounces helps your strikes flow in the air. The handle of 4.75 inches is enough for a solid grip.

With all the features and costs of only $54.99, it is a perfect choice for beginners and professionals alike. To ensure a strong grip, the handle also includes a surface with textures on it. It also results in strong control and reduces vibrations. What’s more, you can also avail yourself of wood and graphite styles, according to your preferences.

4. Prolite Bolt

Our Pick

Bolt Pickleball Paddle

We all know that material and dimensions are the most important aspects of any paddle. One should consider them carefully because they can affect our experience in the court. Minor details like weight and length of handle can make a lasting difference to your gaming experience. Besides, there comes price and cost. Many of us want a paddle that offers the best performance at little cost. Well, two things are possible. Either you will find the best affordable pickleball paddle with minor performance. Or a costly paddle with the best performance.

But, Prolite Bolt, costing only $65, offers you several features that only costly paddles can have. With features like a thick core and carbon fiber frame, it’s the best option for beginners and mediocre. Moreover, the 4-inch handle helps you with an easy grip. For better control and absorb impact with a strong core, you can also add tape to the handle.

5. Onix Graphite Z5

Our Pick

ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles


Onix paddles have a name in the gaming industry. Especially for pickleball, they are the preference of millions. You may be able to find the costliest to most affordable option. Likewise, the Graphite Z5 makes its way to our list of best affordable pickleball paddles. A little longer shape offers you better control and extra reach. You can shift between different spots easily to shoot back. Moreover, it includes normal width as other paddles have, which helps to block shots and strike back.

What’s more, it offers powerful performance and strong control. With distinctive features, this paddle has a little edge over other paddles. Being the best affordable pickleball paddle, it costs only $60. Moreover, the plastic guard protects its edges, offering durability. Each of the z5 paddle paddles features a tennis handle shape, which makes it comfortable to spin around and control.

6. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

Our Pick

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

If you are a professional pickleball player and want to strive, this paddle is for you. With optimum performance and various features, this paddle is the best affordable pickleball paddle. You should only consider Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro if you are going to level up. Considering its price of $180, it may be a little expensive for beginners. However, the price is nothing in front of the pack of features this paddle unfolds. The accuracy in deliveries and unmatchable power it emits makes it perfect for elevating anyone’s professional experience. The honeycomb core made of carbon fiber polymer results in a fast and continuous gaming experience.

With the weight properly balanced all over the paddle, it increases your speed and maneuverability. The texture of the services helps you tackle swift shots and divert them back. It offers enough control, shock absorbance, and accurate deliverables. Availability in multiple colors suits your variable preferences. Furthermore, the Tempest SRT core enables it to be a smart, responsive, and sweet spot to ensure reliable shot delivery.

7. Joola Ben Johns Perseus

Our Pick

Joola Ben Johns Perseus


Our list of the best affordable pickleball paddles ends with Joola Ben Johns Perseus, after falling in love with pickleball and being an expert after playing for months. It’s time for you to opt for advanced equipment and make yourself thrive in court. Staying in one place and practicing with the same equipment can rust your skills. You need to update your pickleball paddle after playing for some months. However, we recommend you invest carefully; if you have limited money, it’s better to choose from the above paddle. Similarly, if you only want to focus on quality and have enough bucks in your pocket. Jhoola Ben Johns is the perfect option to choose.

Being the best affordable pickleball paddle, Jhoola provides suitable features to upgrade your level. A slightly longer handle offering a grip size of 5.5in x 4.125in improves handling. In the middle of a furious match, this paddle’s carbon surface and textured frame absorb vibrations. It helps you to swing your paddle freely in response to opponent shots. It also includes a plastic guard, which increases core strength.   

Considerations While Choosing the Best Affordable Pickleball Paddles

You need to consider some factors before choosing an affordable pickleball paddle. Some paddles have lightweight materials but are affordable. On the other hand, some offer the best functionality but are a bit expensive. You may need to consider carefully which paddle to buy. With our curated list of the best affordable pickleball paddles, you don’t have to worry about choosing the best. Moreover, look at the following factors before choosing the best one:


Weight consideration is important because it affects your speed, flow, and swing. A paddle with heavy weight may be able to provide good strength, but it can affect your speed and handling. Moreover, the lightweight may not offer the requisite power. As a result, you need a paddle with equally distributed weight and not too heavy and not too light. It’s the best option to have perfect control while using optimum power.


The best affordable pickleball paddles feature sweet spots with modest control and power. The long paddles can offer more swings, resulting in more power. On the other hand, the wide paddles offer requisite control. Usually, you will see professionals playing with longer handles and beginners with shorter ones.


The thickness of the core of a particular paddle also matters. A thicker core of more than 16mm can generate more spins, which helps you have an advantage over your opponent. However, paddles with thin cores usually have less control and power to return a shot. If you are new to the pickleball game, we recommend using the best affordable pickleball paddles with thick cores.

Core and Surface Texture

The core of a paddle is usually made of different materials like Nomex and Polymer. Nowadays, you will see all the cores of paddles with polymer material and aluminum. Core affects the response time and durability of the paddle. Moreover, surface texture plays a major role in controlling vibrations. With proper textures and patterns, you will be able to handle the spin effectively.

Edge Guard and Handle Length

Edge guards are sometimes made of plastic to protect the edges of a paddle. They save the paddle from damage and increase its durability. They don’t affect your playing ability; however, they can make the paddle last longer. Furthermore, the handle length is important as well. A shorter handle can increase your swing power, while a longer handle offers less inertia but powerful strikes.

Grip Size and Materials

The grip size effect is the same as the handle length. The right grip size of the best affordable pickleball paddle offers more handling capability. The grip size should be comfortable enough to stop over-clenching. However, the size is too large and can hinder your wrist movement and swamp. Similarly, while looking for the best affordable pickleball paddle, consider materials as well. Paddles are made of different materials, including carbon fiber and graphite. The paddle for beginners usually incorporates fiberglass materials. Moreover, paddles for middle-level professionals use carbon fiber and graphite.

Final Verdict

After reviewing our list of the best affordable pickleball paddles, we hope you have chosen one. Just consider your budget and requirements and go for the one you seek for. In short, expensive pickleball paddles may have some advantages over affordable ones. In terms of intricate details, accuracy, and durability, cheap paddles can’t compete with expensive ones. However, our list includes paddles that gaming professionals use. We have taken their reviews before making this list. Expensive is good, but we suggest going for an affordable one if you are a beginner.

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