Pickleball Paddle Grip

How to Replace a Pickleball Paddle Grip

A regular pickleball game may give you thrills and fun, but it will surely leave you with a worn-off grip. Many pickleball paddles lose tackiness after a while, or they just become too loose, which is why players have such concerns about pickleball grips. Here, we cover all possible questions about how to replace a pickleball paddle grip, the time to change the grips, using tennis grips, and more!

There are only a few instances when you need to change the grips due to a worn-out grip. It is also necessary to replace grips when they are unfit or feel silky or twisted. For fitting purposes, it is recommended to buy a spare grip along with the paddles. Additionally, you can regrip your paddle because the process is simply entertaining. To do this correctly, you will need a proper tool and the correct technique.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Pickleball Paddle Grip

When it’s time to replace your pickleball paddle grip, it is crucial to maintain your game at its best. Here are some signs that indicate it might be time to swap out your old grip for a new one:

Loss of Tackiness

 If your grip has become smooth and lost its tackiness, causing your hand to slip during gameplay, it’s a clear indicator that it needs replacing. 

Visible Wear and Tear

 Physical signs like peeling, cracks, or visible wear on the surface of the grip are surefire signs that it’s worn out and needs a replacement. 

 Reduced Performance

 When you notice a decline in your control, accuracy, or comfort while playing, it could be due to the worn-out grip affecting your hold on the paddle.

 Discomfort or Pain

 If you feel discomfort or experience hand pain after playing, it might be because the worn grip is causing undue strain on your hand and arm. 

Increased Vibrations 

A deteriorating grip might lead to increased vibrations, causing discomfort or affecting your shots’ precision due to a lack of stability.

Moisture Retention

 Grips that hold onto moisture or become slippery when your hand’s sweat can hinder your gameplay, signaling the need for a replacement with better absorbency. 

Foul Odor 

Sometimes, old grips can accumulate dirt, sweat, and bacteria, resulting in a foul smell. If cleaning doesn’t eliminate the odor, it’s time for a new grip.

Difference Between Grip And Overgrip

Many people need clarification on replacing the grips with over-gripping. Well, the difference is just that “gripping” is a process by which we replace the old grips with new ones. In contrast, over-gripping calls for using another grip or grip tape for paddles over the exciting one for specific reasons, which can be one of these. 

  • To increase the diameter as it appears too thick in the player’s hand. 
  • To increase tackiness and cushion. 
  • To make the paddle heavy for powerful shots. 

You may have matched any of the conditions above and want to put on an overgrip your paddle. The process is pretty much the same as we did while replacing, except that we are using the layer of tape instead of the actual grips. The paddle wrapping and the tips we used will be the same as well. 

Difference Between Tennis And Pickleball Grips:

Lately, there has been a lot of debate as to if you can use tennis grips for pickleball. Luckily, the answer is “yes” since there’s not much difference in both types of clasps. 

The only thing that makes them apart is the length of both grips. Since tennis handles are longer, the clasps made for them are of larger sizes. Therefore, if you use tennis grips for the pickleball paddle, the only work you have to do is to cut off the additional grip after wrapping it around the handle. 

When to change the pickleball grips?

To be precise, “anytime,” but of course, there should be a reason for everything, so you can use one of these explanations for doing this fun activity. 

  • The grips are rough and worn off. 
  • They are more tacky and cushioned than before. 
  • Your grips are too loose on the paddle. 
  • The grips are twisting up in your hand. 
  • The circumference is not enough to fit in your hand. 
  • It’s just for fun because you like to give the paddles a new look. 


Replacing your pickleball paddle grip is a simple yet pivotal aspect of maintaining your gameplay at its peak. By following these steps and considering the options available, you can ensure your paddle remains an asset to your performance on the court.

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